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Pursue Your Interest No Matter The Resistance

The family has been through numerous changes since my last post. One of those changes was saying goodbye to my brother Matt on March 17th, and now he is a recruit training to be a marine. Like most families going through this ordeal, the separation, uncertainty and anxiety has been nothing like we have ever experienced. Despite the hardships, Matt has not only made us proud of taking this step, but he has taught a lesson that can be acknowledged whether he is home or away. Pursue your interest no matter the resistance.

Prior to leaving for bootcamp, Matt's interest in the marines was expectedly met with support and resistance. The resistance came in the form of opinions that stressed for Matt to continue with college, or not sign up for potentially going to war. Now I'm not looking to criticize those who have those opinions, they have the right to speak their mind and there is no denying that. Yet it would have been easy for Matt to be influenced by those opinions, and give up his interest. We live in a world that emphasizes that the more people that we please, the better our lives are. I know that not everyone holds this belief, I certainly don't, but it is a reality that often interferes with pursuing our interests.

However Matt refused to let that happen, and he handled the resisting opinions with admirable dignity. When he heard about someone who resisted his interest, Matt would respectfully nod and acknowledge where they were coming from. Yet he still continued with his mandatory workouts and other preparations for bootcamp. Matt's heart and mind are invested in this passion for the marines. He will stop at nothing until it is done.

At the end of the day, everyone has an interest, as well as an opinion, but there is a choice in allowing which one will be the dominant influence. Matt, I'm proud that you chose to pursue your interest with perseverance and respect. My hope is that others will be motivated by your example, and unleash the blessings that come with it. You are a blessing yourself, and never ever forget that. I love you to the moon and back, and cannot wait to watch more of your future unfold.

Love and blessings always,


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