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There is Always Someone

Wow it has been almost three months since my last post, To be honest, the reason was that I was questioning if this blog was worth it. Ratings or attention was not the reason for my pondering, it was wondering if people were touched by my blog posts. I did not have an exact answer to that, therefore the focus on the unknown caused a blockage that I'm releasing as we speak.

Today I was enjoying a stroll in the Stonington Borough with my mother, and we were talking about blogging as a possible career for me. You can imagine that as someone who was troubled with this subject, this was not an interesting conversation to me. However that changed when mom told me about an encounter she had with a store owner. I don't remember what happened before, but somehow my mother gave my blog information to the woman. She read my previous post which was "Blessings in Breakdowns," and found it inspiring. This lady had previously worked as a flight attendant, and experienced the wrath of degrading customers. Those experiences still haunt her, but she found comfort in my blog and reassured her that she was not alone.

That was when I realized that this blog is truly worth it. There is always someone who will be interested, because the writing inspires them or is relatable to their life in some way. My intention all along is to help people be inspired, relate and understand the perspective of someone who has NVLD. Yes this blog is a way for me to get my foot in the door with the writing industry, but that is truly a minor part of why I'm doing this.

What is interesting is before I started blessedride, one of my mentors connected me with a blogger. She told me that there are moments when bloggers wonder if someone is truly interested, therefore it is easy to be discouraged with blogging when they do not know the answer. I experienced this for three months, and am incredibly humbled by it. Therefore I want to pass on some comforting words to anyone who is experiencing this hurdle right now. There is always someone who will be touched by your writing. It can inspire them, make their day, comfort them and might help them turn their life around. So the next time you're wondering if your writing is worth it, remember that it is, because there is always someone who needs some extra uplifting.

Thank you for your time and as always, may you find blessings in all that you do.

Warm regards,


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