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Prioritizing Preparation and Not Expectations

Hello everyone,

I felt inspired to write based off an experience that I had yesterday. I learned that there was a job opening at a playhouse close to my hometown. Apparently they need help with taking reservations, box office work and there is a possibility for other openings. I was not immediately on board with it, but agreed to do an interview. I prepared with background research on the playhouse, had an idea of basic interview questions, and dressed professionally. Even though I was prepared, expectations were not a priority to me. For instance, I did not expect the interview to be all questions, was not focused on the duration, and overall felt content to go with the flow.

The idea of no expectations worked in my favor, because the interview did not turn into one. I was not asked any questions, instead I got a demonstration on the ticketing system, learned about shift times, logging missed calls and some other things that I cannot seem to remember right now. Regardless of the outcome, I am not disappointed with preparing myself, because I knew what to say if the session had been an interview. Also it helps me to have a sense of security, because I would never want to go to an interview, and not know what to say at all. So overall it was a blessing, because I felt comfortable with what I could control, and comfortable with what I could not.

This experience is relevant to my past experience with transitioning to different horses. Every time I got a new horse to interact with, I prepared accordingly by revisiting handling/ riding etiquette, reading the horse's body language, conducting myself in an even tempered manner and overall aspects that I had control of. However horses have their own individual personalities, therefore no matter how much preparation I did, not every horse would respond to me equally. Some horses were obedient, others were stubborn and there were some in between. Yet I felt a peace of mind preparing, because it was better for me to know how to interact with a horse then not know at all.

Anyway in case some of you are wondering where I'll go from here, this is the scoop. To be honest I am still confused on the ticketing system, not entirely sure what position I want to be in, and overall I am not confident if this playhouse is the environment for me. Therefore I chose to attend a meeting tonight, my hope is to receive more clarification and figure out the next step. This choice is an accomplishment for me, because my former self would have rejected uncertainty, and something that was confusing at first glance. However I no longer want to make judgments on first impressions (unless I'm really uncomfortable), and want to give this place one more try. Whatever the outcome is, I'll accept it and move forward.

I want to thank all of you so much for your time. Please feel free to reach out with questions, or share this on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. May you find blessings in all that you do and have a wonderful week!

Warm regards,


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