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The Blessings of Rejection

Most of you are probably looking at this and thinking, how could their be blessings from rejection? A year ago, I shared the same perspective. Rejection does not feel like a blessing at first, if anything it feels like the ground has been ripped underneath you, and you have plunged into this seemingly endless abyss. During the fall, you encounter shock, despair, hurt, perhaps resentment towards the person or company that rejected you, and even second guessing your dreams . Also you do not know when something or someone will catch you by the hand and pull you out of that abyss. I have been there, and can attest what to a horrible and terrifying feeling that is.

Yet the more I immerse myself in my the faith, the more I realize that my perception is changing. For an example, from the reading of Matthew 8:28-9:8, Jesus drives demons out of two possessed men and sends them into a herd of pigs. The animals rush towards the sea and drown, which causes the angered farmers to report the incident. Ultimately the townspeople come to Jesus and send him away from their land. Yet did that rejection stop him from his pursuit of miracles and ministry? No, Jesus kept his head held high and continued to fulfill his purpose. That is the mindset that I was in today and will continue to be.

I have been applying for freelance writing positions, and received my first response today. Out of respect and the company's privacy, I will not reveal their name. Their exact words were "after further review of your credentials, we will not be moving forward with the hiring process at this time." Rather then view this rejection as a curse, I have found three blessings from it.

The first blessing is that this job was not meant to be, I would rather realize that now instead of later. Second, there are other opportunities for me to find and fulfill my purpose, this position was the not the only one. Third and most importantly, something positive will come from this experience, and God will reveal in time. His plan for me is bigger and brighter then a brief rejection email.

I cannot relate this to a horseback riding experience, but I hope that this post can uplift anyone who is about to fall from rejection. When that ground splits from underneath you, jump to the other side. If you are falling in that abyss, use this post as the hand that will pull you out. This is not the end, this only the beginning of something more amazing than you can imagine. Don't give up your dreams, don't lose hope and most importantly find blessings in all that you do!

Warm regards,


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