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Build Your Confidence and Be Honest

There are times when I allow someone to put makeup on me, out of the respect for the occasion that we are attending. Yet I choose not to wear it on a consistent basis, and most importantly I don't want to. Part of the reason is out of caution, because I disagree with animal testing and it can be hard to find brands that don't use the practice. The more significant reason though, is because I'm content with the face that God gave me, and I don't feel the urge to add onto it. My decision has come with an accomplishment and a challenge too.

On the rare occasions that I wear makeup, people will sometimes ask, "does your confidence boost when you have make up on?"My answer to them is, "I don't feel any different about myself, then I do without makeup on." I've realized that the building blocks of confidence don't come from my exterior, it comes from the interior.

For instance, I feel confident when I see God given miracles, surround myself with positive influences, eat right, and do some form of exercise. Of course I clean and moisturize my face, but that is because I care about it from a health perspective, and not from a confidence point of view. To know that about myself is truly an accomplishment as well as a blessing, because it adds on to strengthening my self awareness. The more aware I am about myself, the more I can build up my confidence, know what boundaries to set, and overall have a happy fulfilling life.

The challenge that I face is others perceptions about me. To some extent, I disregard any negative feedback people have about my choices and decisions. However when someone tells me that I am beautiful, then comments that they like it better when I wear makeup (or somewhere along those lines) then there is a problem. I find those words deceiving, because that person has convinced me that they like the way I look, when in reality that is not how they feel at all. To be honest, I would rather that they express their disapproval right off the bat. Yeah that is going to rub me the wrong way a bit, but I will respectfully disagree with the opinion and hold true to my convictions. Also I'm more likely to reconcile with that bluntly honest person, then I am with someone who tells a two faced lie.

Aside from my spiritual beliefs, my experience with horses has also shaped my opinion. Horseback riding was not a confidence booster for me based off of how I looked, it was inside of me that did it. When I stayed positive, focused and made wise decisions; it was a sense of empowerment for me because I knew what was right and could improve based off of that. Also the instructors were one hundred and ten percent honest with me. They were never harsh but did not sugar coat corrections either. Therefore I never had to question where I stood with them, and we could reconcile over misunderstandings a lot easier as a result.

To those of you who wear makeup and are reading this, please know that despite our differences, I respect your decision. Also if wearing make up positively boosts your confidence, then that is all that matters. I just wanted to address that others including myself are content with who we are, and do not need to enhance ourselves to build confidence. As long as our choices are positive, then we should be able to build confidence in whatever way we choose. Also it is important to be honest with one another, we don't have to like each other's opinions, truth can bother us but lies separate us. Thank you for reading and hope that you find blessings in all you do!

Warm regards,


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