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Passionate Yet Personable

Passion is an important aspect of our identity. We learn, build and grow when we find something that we love. Passion can even lead us to careers that promise success and fulfillment. However there are times that we get so caught up with preaching to someone; that they have not had a chance to talk about their interests, so that person will often stop listening to the subject and us. I have been guilty of preaching, and I have been one of those people who loses interest too. So I'm not going to judge anyone who has done either action. Yet I will say this, when there is a balance of passion and personable in the conversation, then the circumstances turn out better.

For instance, today I went with my mom to visit a personal trainer at South Shore Fitness. As I expected, this woman was passionate about fitness. For me, this subject is just one of those necessities of life, and I have limited interests in types of fitness. I personally don't like gyms, and would rather muck forty five stalls on a horse farm then run forty five minutes on a treadmill. So I was concerned that this would be an awkward conversation, but I soon realized that there was little to fear.

Even though fitness was the center of the conversation, the trainer was personable and asked me about my fitness interests . I told her that I liked dance/zumba, moves from Insanity workouts, and anything that was fast paced. She even took my passion for writing into consideration, and told me journal the food that I consume and how I feel after eating it. As a result of the personable aspect of the conversation, the trainer has come up with a workout that blends my interests with traditional fitness. Also my journal will help the trainer get to know my eating habits, that way she can let me know what to improve on and what to continue. Despite that I'll have to compromise and go to the gym to work with her, at least I have something to look forward to.

I can relate this experience to the balance of riding and being personable with horses. There is that passion in me to ride, because I enjoy the freedom, excitement and joy of being on a horse. Yet there is that importance to be personable, because if I know the horses interests, limits and strengths, it makes our partnership easier and the relationship stronger. Trust me, the ride is more pleasant when there is a close connection with the horse. When it is the opposite, I'll just say that it is an unpleasant experience.

Although I've learned to accomplish the blend of passion and personable, I still fall through the cracks at times. So this trainer is a blessing, because her example encourages me to be persistent. I also hope that other people can follow her example as well, because as important as passion is, it is also just as important to get to know the other person too. Thank you to all of you for your time and hope that you find blessings in all you do.

Warm regards,


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