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I Won't Lose Creativity Like I Lost Neverland

Hello everyone. My inspiration took a backseat for the past week, which is why I have not been on. I want to reassure all of you that I have not gone off the grid and hope to crank out more stories as the week goes on. You are probably wondering what this rabbit has to do with Neverland and creativity, well let me explain.

At age nine, I had an obsession with Peter Pan and actually believed in Neverland. I was convinced that there was another universe with evil pirates, fairies, crocodiles with ticking clocks, and children that never had to grow up. Since Neverland was not in my world, I wanted to make it come to me. So my way of blending fantasy into reality was to name my former pet rabbit Tinkerbell.

Although my imagination was creative, I was also a sensitive child and it mattered to me about what others thought. When I revealed the name of my rabbit at school, the other kids laughed and made fun of me, because that was not their idea of a name for a pet. I did want to add fuel to the fire of being the odd one, therefore Tinkerbell became Cabot and that was more pleasing to the kids. Yet it was the opposite result for me, because I found the name boring and most significantly it did not originate from my creative side. Coincidentally, Neverland and all the imagination that came with it disappeared from my child's mind. From then on, Peter Pan was just another movie to me and nothing else.

Now that I know that I want to be an author, I have learned that my creativity should not be changed based off the ideas of others. Yes I know that my readers are part of success, I will value their feedback on how I can improve character development, punctuality, other technical elements etc. At the end of the day though, the ideas will be my own; because if I write about something that interests someone other then myself, the boredom is reflective in my writing and that is a way to lose readers. I don't mean to sound selfish, but it is the truth.

Also if I change my creativity based off someone else's ideas, I lose motivation to write and that has happened. I can relate those moments to when I renamed my rabbit and lost Neverland; my imagination disappears like a puff of smoke. That is when I'll start to doubt my gift in writing, question, and panic over some of the choices that I have made to pursue it. I'll admit it impacts my spirituality, because in those moments I think, "why didn't God give me the gift to be a doctor, lawyer or business person?" My intention is not to insult anyone on here who are in those careers, I'm proud of you for your accomplishments, it is just that I am not cut out for those type of careers. I don't know the entire spiritual path that God has paved for me; but I know that creativity is part of it, because I would not be where I am right now if it wasn't. Therefore when ideas vanish because it is not stem from my own creativity, then I feel lost from a writing and spiritual perspective.

Creativity is the gift that I was blessed with, even though I have my moments, I can't lose it like I lost Neverland. I know that I can't please everyone, there will be people who will disagree with my ideas, including authors, artists and anyone that has the gift of creativity. I know that I will disagree with them too, yet I won't suggest that they change their creativity because of what I think, and my hope is that it would be vice versa. People have the choice to follow and unfollow, but the choice to express oneself lies in the hands of the one who creates. Thank you for your time and again hope you find blessings in all you do!

Warm regards,


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