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Leaning on Jesus

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Before I begin, I understand that there are readers who do not follow Jesus or believe in Christianity, I'm not looking to condemn or force my way of life on anyone on this post. I just wish to give a perspective on how believing in Jesus has been part of my blessed ride.

Last night at Christmas mass, the priest emphasized that it is easy to get frustrated when things don't go our way, but Jesus is a support system to lean on during those times. I can attest to this, because I get frustrated easily when things don't go my way, it is a challenge of mine. However when I pray or take five minutes to talk to Jesus, it is a comforting coping strategy, and I'll explain why.

I deal with quite a bit of frustrations, but my most prominent one is turning to others for support. I often plan for what, when, and how I'm going to say what I need to convey. However I often find that I'm interrupted, if I pause that person gets impatient, or they immediately spewing out solutions; when in reality, I just needed them to listen. So I get frustrated, because of the effort that was put into preparing those serious conversations, but they don't go my way. So at times, I keep to myself and don't want to talk about what's on my mind.

Yet I find the opposite result when I lean on Jesus. Not once have I ever experienced an interruption, there is no irritability if my speech impediment kicks in, sometimes I sense an instant solution or it comes on its own time, but there is no judgment either way. I may not be able to see, feel or hear Jesus , but I know that he has listened, because I always a wave of peace and unconditional love wash over me after I've finished talking to him.

I can relate my spiritual relationship with Jesus, to the one that I have with horses in general. I feel like I can pour my heart out to them, because they don't interrupt, judge or immediately try to solve the problem. I can't hear their voices, but knowing that they listened to me always brings relief and affection upon me. There is not one particular horse that has done that for me, all of the horses that touched my life have.

The relationship I have with Jesus and horses is truly a blessing, because I can turn to them when I need to talk about my troubles, and just about anything in general. I know that some of you may face the problem or know someone who does. You just want to talk, but feel like it's not worth it because nobody seems to listen. Just know that there are ways to pour your heart out, whether it is a talk with Jesus or other spiritual means, please don't hold it all in, just let it out. Thank you for your time and hope that you find blessings in all you do.

Warm regards,


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