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The Nonverbal Inspiration

Hey folks, sorry for the long long delay. Between the weekend and trying to write my own personal stories, I have not made time for the blog. Yet I am feeling inspired and the format is different from what you're used to , so you are in for a treat.

Ever since Thursday, Arran has been on my mind. We met at an equine assisted facility called Horses Healing Humans in Stonington, Connecticut. In case some of you are wondering, I did fall in love with him but not the point where I want to have a romantic relationship. Last time I checked, a four legged creature does not qualify as a human. Arran is a 17 hand Clydesdale that has a blazed white face, bay coat, and gleaming black mane and tail. I grew up watching the Budweiser superbowl commercials and have always had a soft spot for Clydesdales, so it was easy to fall for Arran in that regard. Yet there was more to him then my personal liking for his breed.

From a distance, Arran looks like a typical horse. However once you get close enough, you will see that it not the case. The tour guide informed me that cancer was discovered in one of his eyes, and as a result it had to be removed. Yet the diagnosis and surgery did not and still not has phased him. Instead of acting negatively towards his circumstances, Arran gets up everyday to carry and comfort those who are challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally. One could say that his purpose is to help those in need, and that is not incorrect. Yet I think that it goes beyond that, I truly believe that Arran's purpose is to be a nonverbal inspiration for others to conquer their challenges.

You're probably wondering, what does she mean by nonverbal inspiration? Well as you know, Arran is a horse so he cannot talk. Even though his story has been told by humans, his actions as a therapy horse truly define his ability to be resilient. Therefore Arran is inspiring, despite that he is unable to speak of his experience. Someone who has a challenge in their life can look at him and say "Wow if Arran can help people despite that he can only see out of one eye, I can work through what I have and do something amazing."

Meeting Arran was truly a blessing, because of his silent encouragement for me to conquer my own challenges as someone with NVLD. Like him, I truly hope find a purpose that will touch others, and inspire them to do the same. My hope for all of you is to look for nonverbal inspirations. It is okay to be inspired by those who are verbal, but remember that inspiration comes in many different forms, and once you meet that inspiration, your life completely changes. Thank you and hope that you find blessings everywhere you go.

Warm regards,


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