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Riding Horses and Life

To begin with, I am not a professional rider by any means. I've mastered a basic walk and trot, and have not been on a horse in a month. So I am not even close to a jockey, show jumper or dressage rider. However my past and present pleasure riding has had an impact on me.

I enjoy riding horses, because they are the most honest, nonjudgmental and understanding species that exist on this planet. Also they are unpredictable, nonverbal and reflective of human emotion, which can be positive or negative depending on what the human projects to them. Despite their balance of behaviors, riding them gives me quite the experience.

Horses depend on their rider to communicate verbally, read nonverbal cues, process motor/ spatial information and handle social interactions. These four aspects are often hard for me, because they embody my learning difference which is NVLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder) Therefore I have faced challenges, falls and accomplishments in horseback riding. Yet I have always found a blessing that came from it, whether it was good or bad.

I have found that my life is quite similar, because of experiences that have brought challenges, falls and accomplishments for me, but in the end there has always been a blessing. Therefore I'm going to share those experiences and blessings on this blog. They will be split into three categories challenges, falls and accomplishments. At times I may remember a life experience that equates to horseback riding, but it does not fall into one of those categories. I look forward to sharing those memories with you and hope that you find blessings from your own experiences!

Warm regards,


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